First Windows 10 Redstone testing build of 2016 released to Windows Insiders

First Windows 10 Redstone testing build of 2016 released to Windows Insiders

Ready to get started testing Windows 10 in 2016?

Microsoft's Gabe Aul has just announced that the first Windows 10 testing build of 2016 is now available for Windows Insiders.

This updated build, 11099, is the first offered since the initial Redstone related Windows 10 build was delivered back in December.

Just like that December build, this one consists of continued work to stabilize and build up OneCore:

Our focus through the holidays was on structural improvements to OneCore, which is the shared core of Windows across devices. The code refactoring and other engineering work we’ve been doing to optimize OneCore is nearing the point where we will be ready for teams to begin checking in new features and improvements.

So do not expect any new features or a change in the overall look and functionality with this new build. In fact, it looks like we are still a couple of builds away from seeing new stuff of any sort:

It will still be a few builds before any really noticeable changes show up, depending on when teams begin lighting up new features in their areas.

However, it does appear that Microsoft will be getting those builds out at a much faster pace than in the past because of the teams plans to change the threshold for flighting Windows 10 Redstone builds to Insiders.

Of course that means more bugs will be in these builds because of the increased tempo of releasing them to testers but that is exactly what Insiders have been asking for over the last several months.

Now we wait to see that promise come to fruition and result in a steady stream of new builds in the Windows Insider Program.

As I have mentioned before, I only have one device actively enrolled as an Insider device for this very reason because I want to maintain stability with on my other systems and not risk my go to devices for daily work and other activities.

I recommend a similar approach for everyone. If you only have one device and that is mission/work critical but the desire to participate is too strong then stay out of the Fast Ring and move that system to the Slow Ring. You can do that by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options > Get Insider Preview builds and change to the Slow Ring there.

Those builds will be more stable in the long run compared to the Fast Ring.

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