February Patch Tuesday Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates with Details

February Patch Tuesday Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates with Details

Yesterday, on the second Patch Tuesday of 2016, Microsoft provided 13 security related updates for supported Windows systems plus two Cumulative Updates for Windows 10.

You can read a summary of the security related updates over on our sister site Windows IT Pro.

At this point we would normally tell you that the updates provided improved functionality for Windows 10.

In the past, updates for Windows 10 only carried that vague statement instead of details about the areas addressed in the patch for the seven-month old operating system. Since the release of Windows 10 last summer users have been clamoring for more information about these updates.

Well that all changes with this month’s Patch Tuesday because, as Rod Trent has learned, Microsoft has finally launched a Windows 10 updates resource page that actually provides greater detail on what is being addressed in these updates.

Although the Windows 10 update history page is intended for Enterprise customers and IT Pros it can be used by anyone to see what the latest Cumulative Updates contain for Windows 10.

As you go visit the new update page you will find that they are providing update information for two branches of the new operating system. Although most consumers on Windows 10 will already be on the November Update for Windows 10 (Version 1511 Build 10586) some Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education customers may still be on the July release of Windows 10 (Build 10240) for stability.

Today’s Cumulative Update, KB3135173, does include the standard quality improvements along with security updates but there are no new features.

Here are the main changes/fixes listed from Microsoft:

  • Fixed issues with authentication, update installation, and operating system installation.
  • Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing.
  • Fixed issue that didn't allow simultaneous install of apps from the Windows Store and updates from Windows Update.
  • Fixed issue that delayed the availability of songs added to the Groove Music app in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Improved security in the Windows kernel.
  • Fixed security issues that could allow remote code execution when malware is run on a target system.
  • Fixed security issues in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 that could allow code from a malicious website to be installed and run on a device.
  • Fixed additional issues with the Windows UX, Windows 10 Mobile, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and taskbar.
  • Fixed additional security issues with .NET Framework, Windows Journal, Active Directory Federation Services, NPS Radius Server, kernel-mode drivers, and WebDAV.

This Cumulative Update brings Windows 10 Version 1511 to Build 10586.104.

If for some reason you are still running Windows 10 Build 10240 you can see details about that update in KB3135174 or on the Windows 10 update history page. KB3135174 will push that version of Windows 10 to Build 10240.16683.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft finally delivering more details about the Cumulative Updates for Windows 10?

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