Eric Hutchinson, the man behind the music of the Windows 10 Future Starts Now commercial

Eric Hutchinson, the man behind the music of the Windows 10 Future Starts Now commercial

When we see commercials on TV we sometimes immediately recognize the music or an actor but there are times when those things are not easily identified.

Like many of you I saw the first Windows 10 commercial, The future Is now, online when Microsoft began their Windows 10 media blitz on July 19th.  A couple days later I saw it on TV during The Big Bang Theory on TBS.

Just to jog your memory this is the commercial with all the kids in it which talks about why their future is different when it comes to computing because of Windows 10 and its new features.

The song which is played throughout is called Tell The World and it was written and performed by Eric Hutchinson. The singer/songwriter is originally from Washington, DC and has released five albums consisting of 46 tracks in total since 2003.

Tell The World is the first track on his latest album Pure Fiction (iTunes & Amazon MP3).

Eric and I have been exchanging emails over the last few days so I could learn more about how his song ended up in a commercial about Windows 10.

What is the story behind the song when you wrote it/performed it?

I had almost finished my album Pure Fiction and was procrastinating from writing by making lasagna. I was feeling proud of the dish and snapped a pic and was about to put it on my website and I thought "well let's just tell the world everything we've done." That sounded like a song to me. I threw the lasagna in the oven and ran into my studio to start working. An hour later I had a finished song and a very burnt lasagna.

So how did it all come about and were you aware that it was Microsoft behind the request to use the music in a commercial?

Microsoft has been really supportive of me for a while now! I've visited their offices and performed at some of their private events which has always been a great time.

Were you asked for creative input on the commercial itself in anyway and did you get to see the finished product before the commercial was unveiled?

When I found out it was a worldwide Microsoft campaign I was pretty much willing to do ANYTHING to get the song in the commercial! Luckily they loved the song just how it was and I was really happy to see how well it fit in an early cut. 

Are you happy with the end result and how your song helps to carry the message in the commercial?

It's been so cool! I'm getting tons of messages from fans saying how excited they are to see the commercial. I just got an email this morning from my Godmother who said she was very proud.

How about your own tech choices – Windows, Apple or Android?

I performed at a launch party for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and they gave me one as a gift. It's great! I use it when I'm cooking in the kitchen and now that i'm on tour I set it up in my dressing room and stream baseball games before I go on stage. 

Anything you would like to add about this entire experience?

I've just been very honored to be included in all of this. I'm on tour all summer with Kelly Clarkson and I end my set with "Tell The World". It's been very cool to see people's ears start to perk up and say "Hey, I know this song!"

Many thanks to Eric for taking time out during his summer tour with Kelly Clarkson to share the great background info about the song that will now be identified with Windows 10 for posterity. Based on all the positive reviews that have been hitting the web today - that is a great situation for everyone involved.

Check out the entire Tell The World song in the video below:

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