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Enable the Old Start Menu in Windows 8 ... At Your Peril

As expected, enterprising tech enthusiasts have uncovered a way to enable the Windows 7-style Start Menu in Windows 8, meaning that you can now access this interface from the classic Windows desktop, or what Microsoft is now calling the Desktop environment. And sure enough, it works. Still, I recommend not using this workaround.

Here's why: The workaround entails accessing a so-called "Red Pill" interface, which is sort of the Windows 8 version of the old Blue Badge stuff. And while it does indeed enable the now-classic Start Menu, it breaks all kinds of things, including accessing the new Start screen.

Every time Microsoft makes a change to the Windows UI, there's a trend among so-called power users to do stuff like this. They replaced the Windows 95 desktop with Program Manager, they brought the Windows XP-style menu back to Windows 7, and now they're doing it again with Windows 8.

Seriously, don't do it. Not now: If you actually took the time to download the new Windows 8 Developer Preview and then disable the entire point of this release, you just don't get it. Yes, the new user experience is new and different, and yes it can be disconcerting. But don't be a sissy. You're a power user right? Act like one.

Can't resist? Here you go.

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