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Discussing How Microsoft Can Fix Microsoft

Based on feedback from hundreds of readers, I've posted an article,How Microsoft Can Fix Microsoft, with 16 suggestions on how Microsoft can fix Microsoft. Which is to say, assuming you believe that Microsoft suffers from a leadership issue and is ceasing to become interesting to technology enthusiasts, what do we believe the company should do to regain its lost mojo?

The ideas are:

You're a business software maker, deal with it
Separate the wheat from the chaff
Feel fear
Move more quickly
Split up the company
Learn better branding
Fire Steve Ballmer
Start over from scratch
Stop smothering good ideas
Sweat the details
Don't be afraid to copy
Recognize when to partner and when not to partner
Embrace your past and port to all successful platforms
Really embrace the cloud
Go on a buying spree

We haven't implemented commenting on the main SuperSite web site, so I created this blog post so readers could comment further. Let me know what you think!

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