Creators Update: Windows 10 Build 15019 Updated Out Of Box Experience (OOBE)

Creators Update: Windows 10 Build 15019 Updated Out Of Box Experience (OOBE)

Late last week Microsoft released the 18th overall Redstone 2, now known as the Creators Update, build for PCs since they started testing in August of 2016.

This build, 15019, was heavily focused on gaming related features as a tie in to updates being pushed out to Xbox One Update Preview members for the companies console as it has now started receiving Creators Update features over the last couple of weeks.

As I covered this weekend in my Creators Update: Hands on with Windows 10 Build 15019 for Redstone 2 gallery, gaming was not the only area updated when they released Build 15019 to testers.

Some other items they updated included:

  • Built in Beam game streaming on PC

  • Game Settings in Windows Settings app

  • Game Mode

  • Game Bar updates

  • Microsoft Edge can read books and ePub documents aloud

  • Full color emoji in Microsoft Edge

  • Further updates to OOBE during OS install

  • Blue Light renamed to Night Light

  • Resizing Virtual Machine Connections in Hyper-V

  • Windows Store app and game download progress in Action Center

  • Troubleshooter section in Windows Settings app

  • High DPI improvements for IT Pros in Windows ADK

While I was able to cover nearly all of the above features in my Build 15019 Hands On, one area I could not show you was the updated Out Of Box Experience during a clean install/reset of the operating system. They have been working on this over the last few builds in an effort to make it more accessible to users who might not have the use of their hands or other physical limitations. To support that effort, Cortana is now your guide thru the OOBE process when installing the Creators Update.

Of course, just one caveat, this is pre-release software so what you see in this video could change before the final version of the Creators Update is released this Spring.

Since the OOBE is only available during setup/reset, I did that this morning on one of my Windows 10 Redstone 2 Creators Update virtual machines in Hyper-V - the video is embedded below.

Unfortunately, since this was done from a virtual machine in Hyper-V there is no sound, nor could I interact with Cortana by voice but you can get an idea of how the process has been modified including new OOBE questions about your privacy settings and telemetry collection for the OS.

I did this same process with the first build of the Creators Update that featured the new OOBE and I can say that they have made huge strides in the appearance and UI of everything in Build 15019 compared to that first iteration.

Have you tried the new OOBE using voice? What do you think?

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