Creators Update: Microsoft Moves Windows 10 Build 15063 to Insider Slow Ring

Creators Update: Microsoft Moves Windows 10 Build 15063 to Insider Slow Ring

After a rush of Fast Build releases over the course of three consecutive weekdays - last Thursday (15060), Friday (15061), and then late Monday evening (15063) - things have been pretty quiet on the Redstone 2 front over the last couple of days.

Since everything is pointing towards Build 15063 being the final build for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update it is no surprise things have been quiet.

Today the next step in this builds journey towards General Availability in the next couple of weeks has occurred with its movement into the Slow Ring for Windows Insiders.

Since there are many more Windows Insiders in the testing programs Slow Ring this step is very critical in this certification process leading towards the Creators Update. Over the next few days Build 15063 will become available to those testers and Microsoft will be able to collect telemetry on not ony the upgrade process but also system performance running the build on an even greater variety of devices.

So what should happen next leading up to the release of the Creators Update to all Windows 10 users?

I expect sometime early next week, based on the telemetry collected over the next few days, this build will then be moved to the Release Preview Ring. That will then provide Microsoft an opportunity to get this build out to other Windows Insiders that are not in the other two rings of the program.

After that release we should see a Cumulative Update for Build 15063 that will address final known issues and address any lingering performance concerns. That update will become the Day 1 patch that will be available to Windows 10 users as they upgrade to the Creators Update.


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