Consumers not in plans to get change lists for Windows 10 updates

Consumers not in plans to get change lists for Windows 10 updates

A continued hot button topic with Windows 10 is the lack of detailed information about the cumulative updates, five of them so far, that have been provided for Windows 10 since it was released on 29 July.

Last week our own Rod Trent attended a two day event on the Microsoft Redmond Campus to receive briefings on several different business areas in Microsoft. During one of the sessions they had the opportunity to talk with Jim Alkove, the VP of the Windows Enterprise team and ask some questions.

This morning Rod has published an article over on our sister site, Windows IT Pro, which details the response to a question about providing detailed change lists for updates that are being shipped for Windows 10.

Based on our current poll question, over 80% of you are going to be disappointed in the answer that was provided while Enterprise IT Pros will be very pleased about the prospect of change lists for future updates to Windows 10.

As Rod reported:

In response to a question about Microsoft's stance on eliminating change lists for updates, Jim admitted that Microsoft has heard the customer complaints and that his group is working now to develop some level of disclosure for Windows 10 updates.

However, there is still a lot to be figured out including how much will be shared about the changes and how those change lists will be distributed. Rod believes the promised Windows Update for Business may be a path for those detailed updates to reach Enterprise users.

All hope is not lost for consumers though because there is no doubt in my mind that those change lists will make their way onto the web via enthusiast and main stream tech websites. As long as the cumulative updates align between the consumer and Enterprise versions of the OS they should give us a decent picture of what is being fixed in Windows 10.

Still, I imagine many enthusiasts will not be happy that they will officially continue to be left in the dark about these updates.

Please be sure to express your thoughts about this issue over on our current poll question "Should Microsoft provide more detailed information with their routine Cumulative Updates for Windows 10?"

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