COMPUTEX 2015: Windows 10 Hardware Video

COMPUTEX 2015: Windows 10 Hardware Video

Yesterday, I wrote about the Windows 10 hardware ecosystem and how Microsoft and its partners are bringing new hardware to market that has been designed for the new OS.

During that event at COMPUTEX 2015 Nick Parker, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for the Original Equipment Manufacturers Division, showed several new devices to the audience.

Included in the collection were a few unannounced devices, hardware from new partnerships they have formed leading up to Windows 10 and some new form factors including Internet of Things devices.

Luckily, one of the people in attendance at this briefing recorded nearly 14 minutes of the session while Parker went through the hardware that was displayed on stage.

Here is that video:

Some very interesting form factors indeed.

I like that there is hardware in the pipeline that incorporates the camera support for Windows Hello and it seemed that the convertible and 2 in 1 form factors have grown a lot to take advantage of Continuum.

We are expecting to receive briefings on some of the new hardware in the near future so we will bring you those details as we get them.

Source: Microsoft via Neowin

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