Community Solutions: Making Windows 10 Build 9926 Work with Surface Pro 3 Video

Community Solutions: Making Windows 10 Build 9926 Work with Surface Pro 3 Video

In response to video problems Surface Pro 3 owners have found with Windows 10 Build 9926, a couple of the SuperSite's wonderful community members have put together some instructions for resolving some (but, not all) of the issues. The workarounds provide steps for successfully replacing the Intel graphics driver.

Instead of digging through the comments in the original post (HERE), I think they are worthy to repost here to make the solutions easier to find.

Thanks to timeforaction and squeeze5590 for taking the time to post!

Timeforaction's instructions

I managed to solve the problem by following some steps from other posting on the web. The cause is the Intel graphics driver. You need to uninstall it and then download and install the latest W10 update. To uninstall to driver you need to go into safe mode. To do this you need to know your SP3 Bitlocker unlock code. You can get this code by following the instructions at Once you've got this follow these steps:

  1. Power down the SP3
  2. Power up the SP3 and keep FN + F8 keys pressed
  3. Entry the bitlocker code when requested
  4. A number of options are now displayed, choose Safe Mode (option 4 I think).
  5. Once booted into safe mode right click on the task bar, choose Toolbars and add the Desktop as a new toolbar. This will show on the right side of the task bar.
  6. Click on the Desktop in the task bar and select the Control Panel.
  7. Using the search box type Device Manager, in the search results click Device Manager.
  8. In the Device Manager find Display adapters entry and expand it.
  9. Right click on Intel(R) HD Graphics and choose Uninstall.
  10. Shutdown the SP3 and re-boot.

W10 will now run without problems and you can go to Update and Recovery to download the latest Intel driver.

Hope this helps everyone.

Squeeze5590's response

This process didn't work for me.

Instead, I booted in W10tp as normal and within Device Manager I uninstalled the graphics driver and made sure to check the box "delete software". After a reboot, you will see "Basic Driver" and everything works just fine.

Don't forget, though, even with the video driver changed out, battery life for the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Build 9926 is dismal. And, there's other gotchas. We're keeping a list over HERE.

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