By the Book: This Week's Updates

By the Book: This Week's Updates

So many books, so little time

I've posted updates to Windows 8.1 Field Guide and the in-progress Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide this week, and have started on Surface Pro 3 Field Guide too. So lots of updates this week.

Windows 8.1 Field Guide 1.04

The latest version of Windows 8.1 Field Guide is 1.04. This latest revision includes some typo and screenshot updates, but no new content. I noted recently that, aside from updates related to updated apps and other Windows experiences, a lot of the coming post-1.0 updates will be to punch up the desktop content. I think this makes sense because the desktop (and traditional PC usage) is such a focus for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1 (and presumably for Update 2 and Threshold/Windows 9 as well).

You can purchase Windows 8.1 Field Guide (1.0) on Amazon Kindle but I strongly recommend getting it directly from Rafael and me instead. This version is cheaper ($2 vs. $5, though you are free to pay what you wish to) and is updated regularly.

Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide 0.2

I've started posting the first updates to what will become Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide. Since my initial post about the book ten days ago, I've broken down the book into a new set of chapters related to the new content I expect to add, and have posted two updates. The first chapter, Before You Start, has been rewritten, and today I posted a new version of the Set up your new phone section from the second chapter with new screenshots and descriptions. It's coming along.

Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide will eventually be put behind a pay wall like Windows 8.1 Field Guide, but in this initial period you can get the (rough and messy) book for free to see how it's coming along compared to its predecessor.

Surface Pro 3 Field Guide 0.1

I've not yet posted a first version of Surface Pro 3 Field Guide, but I've been working on it. So far I've fleshed out a rough table of contents and have started working on the first chapter, Before You Start.

As you might imagine, one of the things I've very concerned with is ensuring that this book, which like the other two books noted above, will sell for $2, is more complete and more useful than Microsoft's free Surface Pro 3 User Guide. But doing so won't be difficult: This book will be full of practical advice and tips not found in the Microsoft document, and even at this early stage I can see how that will unfold. In that initial chapter, for example, there are sections about understanding the differences between each Surface Pro 3 model and how you should choose the right one for you. Likewise, there will be sections on choosing the right accessories and how to buy Surface Pro 3.

I hope to post the first in-progress version of Surface Pro 3 Field Guide soon. It will eventually be made available, as will all these books—and future books—via a new Field Guide Books web site.

More soon!

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