Big name Universal Windows Platform apps start to arrive on Windows 10


One of Microsoft's major strategies to address the perceived app gap on Windows, particularly for mobile, is their Universal Windows Platform (UWP) tools.

UWP allows a developer, using either bridges or just building the app in Visual Studio, to have a common code base for their app that can be used on all sizes of Windows 10 devices.

Since Windows is the largest desktop operating system in the world, companies can not continue down the path of ignoring the platform like they have with Windows Phone over the last several years.

By providing those developers with tools that minimizes the work it takes to bring their desktop app to Windows 10 Mobile, it opens up opportunities to see those big names and popular apps on Microsoft's future mobile devices.

Last week saw a huge influx of UWP apps that lend credence to Microsoft's strategy however, big names and popular apps are not the only additions as smaller developers are either updating to or building UWP apps as well.

This gallery is a run down on the trickle of UWP apps that started last week to give you an idea of what has landed for Windows 10 and what Microsoft certainly hopes turns into a flood of apps for Windows 10 on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.


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