Being Genuine on Windows 10

Being Genuine on Windows 10

Earlier this week we learned from Microsoft that Windows 10 will be offered in six different editions for home, pro, enterprise and education users.

These editions include the desktop, mobile and even Internet of Things versions of the new OS.

When Microsoft announced a few months ago that Windows 10 would be a free upgrade for many users it was great news for those on Windows 7 and 8/8.1.

During a follow up interview Microsoft stated that even non-genuine Windows users would get their pirated versions of Windows upgraded to Windows 10.

You will remember this because the headlines proclaimed that even pirates would be legally licensed with this free upgrade.

Well that caused a lot of confusion which led to a clarification from Microsoft that yes, non-genuine Windows users could upgrade to Windows 10 however, they would still be non-genuine users.

Now we learn from Terry Myerson, Microsoft's lead in the Operating Systems Group, exactly how the free upgrade to Windows 10 works and what those non-genuine licensed versions of Windows 10 will look like.

"When we can’t verify that Windows is properly installed, licensed, and not tampered with, we create a desktop watermark to notify the user. If you ever encounter this watermark on a new machine, I encourage you to return the device immediately to the retailer from whom you purchased it and request a Genuine Windows device. Non-Genuine Windows has a high risk of malware, fraud, public exposure of your personal information, and a higher risk for poor performance or feature malfunctions. Non-Genuine Windows is not supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner."

Myerson acknowledges that sometimes consumers are not aware they have purchased a non-genuine copy of Windows or received an improperly licensed version on a new computer. In these cases, instead of punishing the consumer, there will be some upgrade offers presented that will help the user get properly licensed.

Of course, since those upgrades are for versions of Windows that do not have a paid for license it means there is no free upgrade but the consumer will have to pay for that license one way or another.

More info will be coming in the future about these specific upgrade offers for non-genuine Windows users.

Source: Genuine Windows and Windows 10

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