App Tour: Wunderlist To-Do Lists & Tasks


When Microsoft added a skill to Cortana last week to help you create and add items for to do lists it included very basic capabilities within Cortana herself however, if you want to get deeper into managing those lists then you will want to take advantage of the connection that is possible between Cortana and Wunderlist.

So when I posted the closer look at this new skill for Cortana earlier today, I thought an App Tour of Wunderslist would be the perfect match today.

I was impressed as I tested adding items separately through Cortana and in Wunderlist - the new updates sync very quickly between each system - and Wunderslist definitely provides a more granular level of control for the lists you are working with.

I only found one issue with Wunderlist and that was on each settings page - it appears the text is in white because it does not appear properly in any of those pages. See the last image in this gallery for an example.

Beyond that one issue Wunderlist appears to be a good option for managing the To Do lists you create with Cortana.



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