App Tour: Windows Defender Dashboard in Windows 10 (Creators Update)


You might recall that many eagle eyed viewers caught a glimpse of a new user interface for Windows Defender in the Creators Update launch video that was shown at the Windows 10 event in New York City back in October.

Note: Check the launch video at the :57 second mark.

Now, with the release this week of Windows 10 Build 14986 to Windows Insiders, the new Windows Defender Dashboard is now available to testers of the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10.

Since this is a testing build there are two caveats you should be aware of. First, nothing is guaranteed to make it into the final product and this early version of the app has some limitations.

According to Microsoft, the following functionality is not available in the Windows Defender Dashboard (and this is not an all inclusive list either):

  • Doesn’t accurately roll up status of Pillars
  • Doesn’t accurately show status when a 3P AV is on the machine.
  • History is not yet available in the new app
  • Advanced/Custom scans are not yet available in the new app
  • Settings are not configurable through the new app
  • Firewall control panel not launchable from new app
  • Firewall settings are not configurable through the new app

This overhaul of Windows Defender is another example of Microsoft's efforts to convert much of the functionality for these types of services into UWP apps. This runs inline with what we have seen with several elements of the legacy Control Panel since Windows 10 was released in July 2015.


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