App Tour - Official Twitter App on Windows 10


Anyone remember how bad the official Twitter app was back during the Windows 8/8.1 days? Yeah - me too.

The official Twitter app on Windows 10 has always lagged behind its iOS and Android counterparts and this is why 3rd party Twitter apps like Tweetium for Windows, my personal choice for using Twitter, have become so popular over the last few years.

When Windows 10 launched last July an update to the official Twitter app was released with some fanfare but it was still behind the development curve compared to other platforms.

Since then I think we have seen more updates to the official Twitter app on Windows 10 then we ever did when it was on Windows 8/8.1.

This week the latest updates to the app was released to Windows 10 users and actually brought a popular feature finally that would allow users to ask poll questions in their tweets. Unfortunately, it has taken eight months for this feature to arrive on Windows 10. Better late than never I guess.

So with this weeks update I decided to grab the app from the Windows Store and see how it is progressing.

While the official Twitter app for Windows 10 works well it is likely not the best option for someone I would label a Twitter Power User because some functionality is missing.

Here is my short list of what features are lacking for really using the app on Windows 10 beyond casual use:

- Searches can only be pinned to the Start Screen using a Live Tile . There is no capability to save your searches in the app nor does it even remember past searches you have done.

- Images that are in the clipboard when using the Snipping Tool can not be pasted directly into the composition box. They must be saved and then pulled into the composition process. These are extra steps that other 3rd party browsers eliminate by allowing you to paste those images into a tweet from the clipboard.

- No option to create multiple columns or tabs for data you want to track from Twitter.

If you are someone who uses Twitter to just browse your timeline and check trending subjects then the official Twitter app on Windows 10 will likely work just fine and it is available for free.

More advanced users on Twitter will want something with more features to fill their needs but luckily there is a pretty robust 3rd party marketplace for those situations.


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