App Tour - Official Formula 1 Windows 10 App


Another big name organization has decided that the Windows 10 platform is worth their time and money.

In this period of time where it seems everyone is pulling their apps from Windows we now have the Official Formula 1 app arriving for Windows 10 on PCs and Mobile devices.

This new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app lets fans follow along with the following features:

  • Live Race Leaderboards
  • Latest news and videos
  • Post-race highlights
  • 2016 Schedule, Team and Driver Standings

While I was checking out the app to gather these screenshots I also found that the team and driver pages provide a lot of detail as you drill down into the various levels of information.

The app also takes advantage of push notifications as you will see in one of the mobile screenshots I have included which alerted me to a live event that was in progress.

While there is plenty of free information available in app, further value can be unlocked if you decided to subscribe to F1 Access which unlocks the following features:

  • Official Live Timing of all F1® sessions
  • Sector times with intervals and gaps, live tyre and pit stop information
  • Interactive 3D maps with driver gears and speeds, plus Drag Reduction System (DRS) usage indicator
  • In-Corner Analysis comparing drivers’ entry, apex and exit speeds
  • Immersive dashboard with text commentary (English, French and German), and English audio commentary during all F1® sessions
  • Team Radio Transmissions and Race Control Messages 
  • Personalisation Options and more!

There is a demo of the Live Timing feature in the app and the data/telemetry that can share is pretty impressive. I included a screenshot so you can see it as well.

I did not replicate every desktop screenshot on a mobile device but I did include a few to give you a sense of the apps layout on your Windows 10 handsets.

You can download the Official Formula 1 Windows 10 app for PCs and Mobile devices from the Windows Store.


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