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I found out about this app through a link shared on Reddit which was highlighting the app because it was being offered for free this month.

Normally Nebo would cost you $8.99 but for the remainder of August it is being offered at no cost. That makes it well worth grabbing to check it out in my opinion.

The idea behind Nebo is to give users an alternative to other note taking apps like OneNote, an app that launches quickly and makes the creation of charts, formatted paragraphs and even flow charts easy.

Here are the key features according to the app description in the Windows Store:

  • Edit and format with your active pen – Interactive Ink allows you to write, insert or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles, using only your pen.
  • Add rich content – draw interactive diagrams with elements that you can edit, delete and move around. Write editable equations; get calculated results or conversion to LaTeX.
  • Draw freeform sketches, and annotate pictures.
  • Export to Microsoft Word – handwritten notes can be exported to Word or sent via email. Headings, paragraphs, list, color, bold, highlight, are all preserved.
  • Smart layout – canvas is unlimited, blocks are resizable and ink will adjust to new size and device orientation.
  • Search – search and find handwritten ink and text in your note, including in your diagrams.
  • Store your notes – organize your notes in pages, notebooks and folders. Export or import your notebooks.

I installed this on a Surface Book (Surface Pen and touch capable of course) and on my main desktop. There is a good tutorial to learn the basic gestures for Nebo plus an extensive web based FAQ and help system that is accessible in the apps main menu.

You will notice there is a sign in option and you can either create a MyScript account, the inking in this app is based on MyScript Interactive Ink, or you can sign in with a Google, Facebook or Microsoft Account.

However, using this sign in does not allow you to automatically sync notebooks between devices and that process has to be done manually with instructions available in their online FAQ.

Still, despite that shortcoming, this app is very good at character recognition and the tools for creating things like charts, paragraph layouts and math equations is all very handy.

Will this replace OneNote for me? Not at this point and the biggest drawback is the lack of any syncing of the notebooks between devices but it could serve as a quick note taking tool and then I can always move those to OneNote once I am done.

Download Nebo from the Windows Store

P.S. Grab it while it is free and it will always be in your account at no cost.

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