App Tour - Microsoft Rewards Edge Browser Extension


New extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser continue to trickle into the Windows Store in Windows 10.

Extensions for the Edge browser officially became available in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update released on the 2nd of August this year however, only 17 extensions have been made available up until today.

The latest addition to the collection is the Microsoft Rewards extension which arrived in preview this week.

The purpose of the extension is very straight forward for anyone who is a member of Microsoft's Rewards Program and it notifies you with a simple icon to confirm you are actively browsing with Microsoft Edge and earning points. In addition, it has shortcuts to extra rewards opportunities to earn points for other browsing and search activities right in the browser extension interface so you do not have to remember to visit the Rewards site for those.

In order to use this extension you must be signing into Windows 10 and the Windows Store with the Microsoft Account that is tied to your Microsoft Rewards account. Normally these are all the same account so it should not be an issue for most users.

Setup is very simple once the Microsoft Rewards extension is installed from the Windows Store and just requires you to open Microsoft Edge after it is downloaded and turn on the extension. You can then go into the extension settings in Microsoft Edge and add the extensions icon to the browser interface. After that is accomplished just click on the icon and itr will start the setup process by verifying your using the right account for Rewards.

You can see what that setup process looks like in this App Tour screenshots.


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