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Barely a week goes by when we do not hear about a security breach at some company that results in the loss of user credentials and other personal information. The sheer numbers of these events can also be challenging to keep up with these days.

This past week a new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app arrived for Windows 10 that can provide us all with the ability to easily keep up with these breaches and it just takes a little initial work from us to get started.

Hacked? is from Lancelot Software and you will find it available through the Windows Store for both desktops, tablets and mobile Windows 10 devices.

The features of Hacked? according to the software developer include:

  • Easy to use: All you need to do is enter the email address you want monitored - Hands-off: Background monitoring of all your email addresses
  • Safe: The app uses the industry-trusted Troy Hunt's massive haveibeenpwned database of breaches
  • Updated: the haveibeenpwned database scans pastes frequently, you'll always have fresh data to compare against
  • Privacy: This app will never share your email addresses with anyone outside of the haveibeenpwned API (which itself uses the secure HTTPS protocol)

After testing this app I have one big request for the author - cloud sync of the accounts I add to Hacked? on different devices.

Currently you must manually enter all of the accounts you want tracked on each device adn that can be very labor intensive.

Today's App Tour Gallery will show you the app comparing the mobile and desktop versions to give you an idea of how it comes together as a UWP app.



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