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Show me a person who does not like to save money and I will show you a unicorn because everyone loves to save a few dollars - especially in the ever increasing dominance that app stores are playing in delivery apps and other items to our devices.

For Windows 10 on PCs and mobile the Windows Store is that portal. That app store has been growing steadily since it made its first appearance in Windows 8 back in February of 2012 on a consumer preview of the OS.

Short of manually browsing the store and enthusiasts sites it can be hard to find the deals for all of the products that are offered in the Windows Store however, the Deals Hub wants to help with that.

This app is available for Windows 10 on both PCs and mobile and will trigger a notification in your Action Center when new deals have been added. In addition, it also lists the weekly Red Stripe deals which offer a significant discount on apps, games, music and videos.

If you want to save a few bucks every once in a while then this is a great app to install on your devices and forget about it until that alert pops up about new deals being available.

Download Deals Hub (PC and Mobile)


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