Amazon Delivers a Windows 10 App for PCs – Sort of

Amazon Delivers a Windows 10 App for PCs – Sort of

Just last week, many were sighing over the loss of an Amazon app for Windows Mobile. The online retailer/cloud company had announced the end of support for Windows Mobile/Phones. For those still clutching a Windows Phone daily, it was yet another painful moment. There’s been plenty of painful moments for Windows Phone users over the last couple years, myself included. I’ve been a member of the Windows Phone faithful many times in my life only to be let down again and again. I’m using a Samsung Android-based smartphone as my daily driver now. This makes the second time I’ve migrated off Windows Phone in my smartphone life. If subway rumors from yesterday are true, I may try Windows Phone again next year. I know, I know. I'm a glutton for punishment.

But, Amazon wasn’t entirely finished, it appears. The company hasn’t abandoned Windows completely. Overnight the company rolled out a new app for Windows 10 PCs. The app is nothing more than a web wrapper for the company’s web site, but that might just be enough. The older app was absolutely worthless on Windows devices and many (myself included) opted to always use the web browser for shopping. It was just a better, cleaner experience. So, wrapping an app around the web site may not seem like much, but it does give Amazon a starting point to continue improvements and offers the capability for live tiles and notifications.

And, to be honest, I don’t care if it goes beyond what it is today. While it’s clearly a web wrapper, I’m completely comfortable with Amazon’s web UI.

Get the updated app in the Windows Store:

What do you think? Good enough?

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