Affinity Designer Comes to Windows in Public Beta

Affinity Designer Comes to Windows in Public Beta

Affinity Designer is an award winning professional graphic design software. Most who are familiar with the software already have used it on a Mac. Today, the company that develops the software, UK-based Serif, is announcing that Affinity Designer is finally coming to Windows.

Serif offered early sign-ups for the beta and roughly 80,000 eager testers made the commitment. Today, Serif takes the next step by offering the beta to the public. Anyone wanting to test out this next generation designer application can today just by supplying a name and email address.

The program is not exactly a designed for Windows 10 app, so it can run across supported Windows versions which includes 64 bit Windows 7 and above.

Sign up for the Windows beta here:

Serif is promising to follow-up the Affinity Designer release with Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher in early in 2017.

When officially available, the retail price will be around the $50 mark.

Affinity Designer for Windows from MacAffinity on Vimeo.

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