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Advertising Windows 8


While readers of this site know that Windows 8 is the most dramatic upgrade to Windows that Microsoft has ever fashioned, much of the wider world has no idea what to expect. So I’ve been curious to see how Microsoft would communicate these changes. Today, we see our first hint of that, via the first Windows 8 advertisement. And sure enough, it trumpets the theme of change.

Simply named Windows 8 is coming soon, the new ad shows a space shuttle rocketing to the heavens, PC exploding, and piñatas getting split open before moving into screams of excitement and new, touch-based PC form factors. Set to a countdown that stalls at 8, the ad culminates in the tagline Windows reimagined, which certainly makes a lot of sense.

And maybe it’s just me, but this ad reminds me a lot of the Start Me Up ad for Windows 95, with that same sense that everything is changing.

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