Adguard and Ebates Added to Windows Store and Slow Trickle of Microsoft Edge Extensions

Adguard and Ebates Added to Windows Store and Slow Trickle of Microsoft Edge Extensions

Over the last month or so, Microsoft has added two new extensions to the Windows Store for its Edge browser in Windows 10.

This brings the total number of extensions available to Microsoft Edge users to just 23 and you can look at that number a few ways.

First, since there is still no public submission process for Edge extensions yet, as we reported back in December, that means every extension is a specific partnership between that company/service and Microsoft.

Second, Microsoft has made the tools available, in the form of a UWP app, to help extension developers create/convert their work to the Edge extension. However, until that submission pipeline is opened to the public the tool is only beneficial to those whom Microsoft partners with for new extensions.

Third, the only way the Microsoft Edge extension library is going to really grow is for that pipeline to be opened to all public submissions. As I speculated back in December, I think this might just happen in conjunction with the release of the Creators Update, the third major Windows 10 feature update, when it is expected to be available in April.

Until then it is just going to be a slow trickle of extensions including the two latest editions.

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