2.14 billion visits to .GOV Sites in 90 days, Only 2.6 Percent Using Microsoft Edge

2.14 billion visits to .GOV Sites in 90 days, Only 2.6 Percent Using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has a web browser problem. I’ve been talking about this for some time and even recently talked about it some more in Google Chrome Overtakes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Edge Nowhere to Be Found. Microsoft seems to play it off as if the web browser doesn’t really matter anymore, but that’s absolutely not true. If the web browser isn’t important to overall market share, why invest time and development resources into creating a brand new one in Windows 10 instead of just fixing Internet Explorer? And, for that matter why make the new web browser the default?

New stats from analytics.usa.gov show that across all US agency sites for the last 90 days Windows 10’s default browser is only being used by 2.6% of the time from 2.14 billion visits. Remember, Microsoft recently touted that the Windows 10 is actively running on over 300 million PCs. Granted, Microsoft Edge is just a year old, but a default web browser should, at least, be able to get numbers over Safari which is one of the least web-compatible browsers.

This seems to show that Windows 10 PC users are actively replacing Microsoft Edge with other web browsers – primarily Google’s Chrome. And, this fits with the recent notion that users have recently chosen Chrome as the crowned king of web browsers.

What do you think? Can Microsoft eventually turn its web browser fortunes around? Or, is Microsoft Edge doomed to the same fate as Internet Explorer?

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