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Windows Phone Book: Security + Networking 0.5, Some Book Changes

A fix for a completed chapter, plus three other changes to the book

Here’s an unexpected update to a previously “completed” chapter: I moved a section about restoring from backup from Chapter 1 (Getting Started) to Chapter 17 (Security + Networking), necessitating a new release of the latter chapter. But this isn’t all that’s changing with Windows Phone Book.

First, the Security + Networking chapter changes.

This is one of those things that happens fairly frequently when you write longer manuscripts: You either forget something until later on, or realize at a late date that some material is in the wrong place. In this case, I had covered Backup in Chapter 17, but was going to cover Restore in Chapter 1. That doesn’t make sense, so I moved the Restore stuff into the Backup section in Chapter 17.

So. We have a new version of Chapter 17 and a new version of the full Book document. I made minor edits to Chapter 1 as well, but that one is so early there’s no need to publish a second update of that yet. I did, however, add whatever minor changes I did make in Chapter 1 to the full Book document, so that one is up to date.

Confused? Don’t worry about it. :) It confused me too.

And while we’re being confused, I’ll really throw a wrench into the whole thing and mention three other things that are changing with the book.

Business chapter. As I had hinted at, the business chapter is cutting cut for the 1.0 version of the book. I’ll reexamine this as we move forward.

PC Integration chapter. I started reworking Chapter 16 (PC Integration) and in doing realized it needed a major organizational change. So that’s in place now, but I need to copy in whatever content I’d already written that still fits, and then write new stuff too. Long story short, the new writing will be more than I had expected, but I like the new structure of the chapter so much better that I’m OK with it. I’ll try to post a first peek at the new version of that chapter soon.

Chapter reordering. Looking at the TOC (table of contents), I realized I need to swap the final two chapters. Right now, they’re:

Chapter 16. PC Integration
Chapter 17. Security & Networking

But they should be in the reverse order:

Chapter 16. Security & Networking
Chapter 17. PC Integration

Why? Because in this new order, the stuff that isn’t happening on the device is at the end of the book. And I like the idea of de-emphasizing the PC stuff in this way since Windows Phone is so cloud-focused. Anyway, I’ll make this change soon, fix the full Book doc, and issue new versions of each.

Phew. More than expected. :)

Download Security + Networking 0.5 (57 page PDF, 4.06 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.060 (572 page PDF, 35.1 MB)

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