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Windows 10 Mobile Lumia Motion Data Settings


There is a very handy feature available on Microsoft Lumia handsets running Windows 10 that can help you track your movements and places you have visited. This option should be available on any Lumia handset that has the movement sensors in the device.

This option will not only track your daily activity but can also help supplement movement data for users of fitness tracking devices like the Microsoft Band and data analysis apps like Microsoft Health.

If your phone is a Lumia and has the proper sensor package then you will find the settings for Lumia Motion Data under Settings > Extra > Lumia motion data.

You have three options when it comes to these settings. The first for data collection in either the Basic or Detailed modes. The only difference between these is the frequency with which data is collected.

The last setting you can turn on for Lumia motion data is Places visited. This will measure locations that you stop at and then display those locations on a global map when you tap on Recent places on the settings page.

You can also tap the X app may be using collected data to see which of your apps is using this motion data. Of course, all of this data falls under Microsoft's privacy policies and there are links to those on this setting page as well.


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