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Windows Media Player 8 Gallery

Windows Media Player 8 features the Windows XP "Whistler" look and feel.

The Full Mode of the player is highly malleable.

WMP8 integrates with a number of portable audio devices.

You can optionally display CD album cover art and lyrics.

And Full Mode can be stripped of extraneous UI pieces.

Windows Media Player 8 is fully compatible with the new HDCD standard.

For enterprise users, the new Corporate skin gives WMP8 a more sedate look.

WMP8 now plays DVDs, although you need an external codec to make it work.

For DVDs, full screen mode is where WMP8 really shines. Note that the toolbars fade away.

The new Windows Classic skin, with a blue visualization.

Windows Classic again, this time with a red visualization.

This is the new Windows XP skin for WMP8.

Shell integration is the best new feature. Here, folders that contain CDs automatically display the CD album cover art.

New shell organizational features make it easy to display files and folders as you wish; in this shot, audio files are grouped by artist.

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