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Windows Longhorn: Live from PDC 2003!


Keith and Paul at PDC2003

Here are the sessions, panels, and other events Keith and Paul will be attending each day at the PDC:

12:15 - 1:15 (Session)
Being a Good Windows Citizen: Plugging into the Window's Shell
1:30 - 2:45 (Session)
"Avalon": Introducing the Next Generation of Windows Presentation Services
3:00 - 4:15 (Session)
"Avalon": Building Applications with Controls and Dialogs
4:45 - 6:15 (Session)
Introducing MSBuild: The Universal Build Engine for Visual Studio "Whidbey" and "Longhorn"

11:30 - 12:15 (Session)
Designing Mobile Applications: Programming to "Longhorn" Data Synchronization
12:30 - 1:45 (Session)
"Avalon" Graphics and Media (Part 1): Overview of the Windows "Longhorn" Graphics and Media Revolution
2:00 - 3:15 (Session)
WinFS: File System and Storage Advances in Windows "Longhorn": Overview
3:45 - 5:00 (Session)
.NET Framework Overview: A Roadmap
5:15 - 6:30 (Session)
"Avalon" Graphics and Media (Part 3): Using Audio, Video and Imaging in Your Applications

10:00 - 11:15 (Session)
The New Windows "Longhorn" User Experience: Get Users to Fall in Love with Your Software
11:30 - 12:45 (Session)
WinFS: File System Integration
1:00 - 1:45 (Session)
Forum on Application Compatibility for Windows "Longhorn"
2:00 - 3:15 (Session)
ClickOnce: Advanced Topics in Web Based Application Deployment for Windows Forms and "Avalon"
3:30 - 4:45 (Session)
"Avalon": Visually Theming and Styling Your Applications and Documents
5:00 - 6:15 (Session)
"Avalon": Creating Windows "Longhorn" User Experiences: New User Interface Possibilities in Longhorn

8:30 - 10:00 (Panel)
Making it Sizzle: Enabling and Building Next-Generation User Experiences on Windows "Longhorn"
10:30 - 12:00 (Panel)
"Indigo:" What's Next for Connected Apps and Web Services
1:45 - 3:15 (Panel)
Computing on the Beach: Visions of Mobility


Live reports

These updates are available directly from the WinInfo Daily UPDATE Web site and were updated regularly each day throughout the show.

Live from PDC 2003: Countdown, Two Days to Go!
Live from PDC 2003: Countdown, One Day to Go!
Live from PDC 2003: Day 0: Sunday
Live from PDC 2003: Day 1: Monday
Live from PDC 2003: Day 2: Tuesday
Live from PDC 2003: Day 3: Wednesday
Live from PDC 2003: Day 4: Thursday

Photo galleries

Our PDC 2003 photo galleries capture the feel of the show, the keynotes, various sessions and panels, and the Longhorn developer preview build.

Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 1
New shell features.
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 2
New special Library folders, Control Panel, and Image Preview application.
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 3
Longhorn applications.
PDC 2003 Day 0: Sunday photo gallery
LA, Convention Center, pre-conference briefings.
PDC 2003 Day 1: Bill Gates keynote photo gallery
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.
PDC 2003 Day 1: Aero keynote demo photo gallery
As demonstrated by Hillel Cooperman.
PDC 2003 Day 1: Jim Allchin keynote photo gallery
Microsoft Group VP Jim Allchin.
PDC 2003 Day 2: Eric Rudder keynote photo gallery
Microsoft Senior VP of Servers and Tools Eric Rudder
PDC 2003 Day 3: Hillel Cooperman Aero demo photo gallery
Microsoft Product Unit Manager of the Windows User Experience Team Hillel Cooperman: "The New Windows 'Longhorn' User Experience: Get Users to Fall in Love with Your Software."
PDC 2003 Day 3: PDC 2003 photo gallery
PDC 2003 Expo show floor, LA Convention Center.
PDC 2003 Day 4: PDC 2003 photo gallery
LA Convetion Center, Hands-on Labs.

Video content

Assuming we're not attacked by security guards, we'll attempt to record portions of the keynotes and sessions that we think will be of interest to Windows enthusiasts. As with the audio recordings, it's hard to say how many there will be, but we'll post that content here to the SuperSite for Windows.

Longhorn 4051 boot screen
Watching the PDC developer preview boot-up.
PDC 2003 crowd streams into keynote hall
Geeks in motion.
Longhorn Aero rock video
Microsoft promo video shown before Gates keynote.
PDC 2003 introduces Bill Gates
Ladies and gentlement, please welcome Chief Software Architect for the Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates.
Longhorn desktop
Hillel demonstrates the new Longhorn desktop.
Aero transparency in Longhorn
Hillel demonstrates new Avalon transparency features.
LA Convention Center walkthrough
Paul walks from the keynote up to the press room in the LA Convention Center.
Gates talks WinFS
The idea of taking the XML flexibility, the database technology, and getting it into the file system.
Longhorn sidebar
Right now we're calling it the sidebar, we'll figure out what the final name is at some point.
Aero 3D effects and 3D accelerated hardware
Group Product Manager of the Windows Client Division Pablo Fernicola demonstrates new hardware-accelerated Aero graphical effects.
Longhorn user experience scenarios   NEW!
Longhorn addresses the needs of all users, whether beginner or advanced.
Latest Aero prototype   NEW!
Cool Start Menu animation and media player Sidebar tile

Windows Longhorn build 4051 review

Microsoft handed out Windows Longhorn build 4051 to PDC attendees, and Paul will publish a full review of this product as soon as possible to the SuperSite for Windows.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these build 4051-related photo galleries:
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 1
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 2
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot gallery 3
PDC 2003 Day 1: Aero keynote demo photo gallery
PDC 2003 Day 3: Hillel Cooperman Aero demo photo gallery


What the heck is this?

The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is Microsoft's biggest semi-annual event for developers, and this year's show--PDC 2003--is the biggest ever, a sold-out event that promises to unleash an exciting array of Longhorn and related technologies to attendees. But you don't have to be in Los Angeles attending the PDC to get the full PDC experience: It's all here, with reports by Paul Thurrott and Keith Furman on the SuperSite for Windows! 

More Longhorn content than you can shake a stick at

Longhorn Build 4029 Gallery 2 - September 25, 2003
Longhorn Build 4029 Gallery 1 - September 2, 2003
Windows Longhorn Aero Gallery - August 20, 2003
The Road to Longhorn (2003) - May 9-12, 2003
Longhorn Preview: Build 4015 - April 30, 2003
Longhorn Preview: Build 4008 - March 1-3, 2003
The Road to Longhorn (2002) - January 14, 2002
Longhorn FAQ - Ongoing

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