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Windows Longhorn Aero Gallery

When the Windows XP "Luna" user interface was revealed in February 2001, the Windows User Experience team took great pleasure when they verified that I had never seen a leaked copy of the UI before the official unveiling. I decided, at that moment, that the next Windows version would be different. Here, for the first time, is a gallery of UI prototypes that I believe accurately portrays the "Aero" user interface in Longhorn. They are presented in reverse chronological order, so that the olders pictures are at the bottom. Naturally, things could change and, if anything, I expect the UI to be more impressive in person than what we see here. But at the very least, the task-oriented nature of Longhorn comes through nicely in these shots.

Latest "Aero" shots: August 20, 2003

Original "Aero" shots: August 19, 2003

Original Longhorn prototypes


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