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Windows Live Sync is live

I traveled home from Redmond today, so I’m a bit behind, but this is pretty big news if you’re as interested in the new Windows Live solutions as I am:

We've been hard at work on the new software, and we're pleased to report that the new Windows Live Sync is now available for Windows and the Mac.

We've listened to your feedback, and Sync will continue to offer the same great service as FolderShare, along with several new features:

  • Higher file limits—up to 20 synchronized folders (formerly known as libraries) with up to 20,000 files in each one.
  • Integration with Windows Live ID.
  • Integration with the Recycle Bin.
  • Unicode support.
  • More languages for Windows (46 in all).
  • And lots of bug fixes.

As part of the new release, we will be retiring the old FolderShare blog and newsgroup to make room for a new Sync blog and a new Sync newsgroup.

Sync may be new to some FolderShare users, but don't worry! Sync is designed to make transition easy, although there are a few steps for you to take:

  • Install the software on each of your computers that previously ran FolderShare so Sync can automatically reconnect your synchronized folders.
  • To keep sharing your synchronized folders, you'll need to send your pals a new invitation. Don't worry if they don't have a Windows Live ID; we'll help them get set up using their preferred e-mail address.
  • Your synchronized folders will be set to automatically sync after migrating. If you'd prefer to sync on demand, just visit the Sync website to adjust that.
  • Have more questions? Take a look at the latest FAQ for more answers.

Please check out the new software and let us know what you think. We hope you like it!

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