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Windows Live OneCare for Server

Microsoft dropped me a note this morning describing the beta test of Windows Live OneCare for Server:

Last month, Microsoft highlighted its Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Live OneCare for Server, upcoming solutions aimed at providing increased security and protection for a small business environment. Microsoft recently invited a select group of private beta testers who are also testing the Small Business Server 2008 beta to lend feedback on Windows Live OneCare for Server.  Limited to 5,000 testers, this is an important step toward ultimately bringing this solution to the small business environment based on their valuable input.

Windows Live OneCare for Server is designed to work with Windows Small Business Server 2008. OneCare for Server provides anti-malware and security services to help protect and maintain the server.  Additionally, the protection OneCare for Server offers includes:

  • Performance tune-up
  • Removal of unnecessary files
  • Automated backup (of specific file types)
  • Consolidated management

OneCare doesn't get a lot of respect for some reason, but I've always found it to be quite capable in real-world use. I'd also point out that Microsoft is using the same anti-malware engine in its enterprise-oriented Forefront security products, which are quite highly regarded.

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