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Windows Home Server update on the way

The Windows Home Server blog reports on an upcoming update. My understanding is that these guys are going to continually update the product in this fashion. I think that's a good thing.

Hi all. Next week on Tuesday, Nov 27 we will release a new update for Windows Home Server software.  This is a scheduled update - part of the ongoing process of continually enhancing the customer experience with Windows Home Server.  The new functionality will be downloaded via Windows Update and made available to existing Windows Home Server customers. 

Details are available here, but the main benefit of the update is that it will improve the remote access experience for Windows Home Server users by providing them with a “trusted SSL certificate” for their home servers. That means customers will be able to access their home server from outside the home more seamlessly, without any security warnings.  The Windows Home Server team worked closely with Windows Live Domains and GoDaddy, a leading provider of Web domain addresses, to provide the certificate for the web pages customers use for remote access.

In addition, this month’s update provides a new “Delete All” button to let users delete all home computer backups that are stored on the home server, as well as a few improvements to the Shared Folders and Server Storage components of Windows Home Server.

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