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Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Beta Coming in Early June (Updated)

It looks like the public WHS PP1 beta is finally starting.

The Windows Home Server team is pleased to announce details of the public beta of Windows Home Server Power Pack 1. This public beta will include the fix for the data corruption bug described in Knowledge Base article #946676 as well as a host of other bug fixes and new capabilities. The Power Pack 1 download is planned to be available in early June and Beta participants are encouraged to sign up and begin preparing now.

Due to the nature of the shared folder data corruption bug (KB #946676) a broad beta test program with sufficient time for feedback is required. The timeline for a final release will depend on this feedback and testing, in order to deliver a fix of the highest quality. To meet our goals for the beta test we need the number of beta testers who are actively using and testing the Power Pack 1 beta to ramp up very quickly. Therefore we are asking beta testers to begin preparing in advance.”

Windows Home Server site on Microsoft Connect:

Coming soon:  Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 beta

Test the latest beta software by joining the Windows Home Server Connect program

Program Start Date: 6/13/2007

Nomination Start Date: 6/13/2007

Update: Microsoft tells me the June 13 date is incorrect: WHS PP1 beta will hit in early June.

Thanks to Torbjørn for the heads-up!

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