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Windows Experience Pack

Microsoft recently delivered the Windows Experience Pack, a free download for users of Windows 7 and Windows Live Messenger:

Customize Windows 7 and Windows Live Messenger -- for free.

Take a journey to the beach, escape to the mountains, explore the city, or go on a safari -- while never leaving your PC. Create your own avatar for your Windows 7-powered desktop, then share it with your friends on Windows Live Messenger. Choose your destination to personalize your PC experience.

Included for Windows 7

Get a Windows 7 theme including a desktop background featuring your avatar and a screensaver.

Included for Windows Live Messenger

Get a Windows Live Messenger personalization pack with display pictures, emoticons, and more.

OK, so this is sort of lame. OK, it's really lame. But if you do install this, beware the borderline-dubious installer, which attempts to make Bing your default search engine and MSN your homepage.

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