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Windows DreamScene goes live

From Microsoft...

Microsoft is making available the final code for Windows DreamScene, an Ultimate Extra that enables high-definition video content to be displayed as the desktop background. PC users running Windows Vista Ultimate will also have access to over 200 three-dimensional, animated DreamScene desktops – such as Aurora, Blissful Dream and Liquid Dream – created  in conjunction with Stardock. Windows Vista Ultimate users can visit Stardock’s website to upload and share DreamScenes they’ve created.

Unfortunately, Microsoft will not be releasing the remaining Language Packs today as previously announced due to a set-up bug that has been discovered with the existing Language Packs. While the delay this bug has caused is frustrating for Microsoft and for its customers, it made it necessary to hold off shipping the remaining Language Packs to ensure the quality bar was met.  The Ultimate Extras team is hopeful that the remaining Packs will be ready by the end of October.

It's not live yet from what I can see but should be very soon. 

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