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Windows Client TechCenter

Via email:

With TechEd happening in Orlando this week, Microsoft’s focus will be on IT Professionals.  We wanted to provide you with an early glimpse into new work the Windows Team has done to make resources more discoverable for IT Pros.  Specifically, Microsoft is launching the new Windows Client TechCenter, the new home of the Springboard Series of online resources (

This is a critical piece that has been missing - structured guidance along the adoption path that helps IT Professionals learn how new features and capabilities can assist common tasks and also how to pre-empt and address key deployment challenges upfront. The new Windows Client TechCenter also provides structured guidance and helps facilitate better community interaction for knowledge sharing (IT Pro peer to IT Pro peer).

The new TechCenter is up and running now.  In addition, a Q&A with Microsoft Technical Fellow, Mark Russinovich is available at the Windows Vista Team Blog

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