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Windows CE tips and some cool Microsoft CE resources

Well, I have been using a NEC Mobile Pro handheld PC running the release
version of Windows CE for a few weeks now, and I must say I am very
impressed. The auto-synchronization works as advertised, although I have
to use it in Windows 95 since I couldn't get it configured right in NT.

Anyway, Microsoft has created several useful CE resources on the Web, and
included a nice "Tips and Tricks" page in their online magazine "The
Mobile Worker".  Here it is:

Windows CE Tips and Tricks

 * To get to the desktop quickly, just minimize the current window by
   tapping its taskbar button.

 * View ToolTips for most toolbar buttons by pressing and holding the
   stylus over the button. After you view the ToolTip, drag your stylus
   away from the button before you release it to avoid activating the

 * To minimize the size of files you convert from Microsoft Excel on your
   desktop computer, remove any blank sheets from the files before you
   convert them.

 * Use Outline view in Microsoft Word for note taking because you can
   quickly distinguish between topics and supporting points using the
   Promote and Demote features, which automatically apply formatting for

 * Copy messages from the Microsoft Exchange Inbox that you want to reply
   to while away from the office. On your handheld PC, compose your
   replies, and send them. The reply messages will accumulate in your
   Outbox until the next time you connect to your desktop computer.

 * To send messages, connect to your desktop computer and choose the HPC
   Inbox Transfer command on the Tools menu.

 * Switch quickly between today, yesterday, and tomorrow. In the Day view
   of the Calendar, use the left arrow key to go to the previous day, and
   the right arrow key to go to the next day. Then tap the Today label at
   the bottom of the monthly calendar to quickly switch back to the current

 * To sort a column in both Tasks and Contacts, tap a column heading.

 * Change the time on the clock by dragging the hour or minute hand
   backward or forward. If you drag the hands past midnight, the date will
   change to the next or previous day.

 * Windows CE Keyboard Shortcuts   
   To do this                             Press this
   Open the Windows CE Task Manager       ALT+TAB
   Access the desktop                     WINKEY+TAB
   View a list of Windows key functions   WINKEY+SPACE
   Recalibrate the touch screen           CTRL+ALT+EQUAL SIGN
   Open the property sheet of the         ALT+ENTER
        selected item
   Activate the next program on the       ALT+ESC
   View the desktop in Folder view        WINKEY+E and then BACKSPACE
   Get Help in most programs and dialog   ALT+H
   Copy or Cut and Paste text from        CTRL+C, CTRL+X, or CTRL+V
        almost any program to any other
   Open the Start menu                    CTRL+ESC or WINKEY+ENTER

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