Q: What's new in the July Windows InTune beta update?

A: Although the first version of InTune was only released in March 2011, a beta is already available that showcases some of the changes in the next version. The main new features currently available are:

  • Software distribution. Previously, only software updates could be deployed. Software installation packages (MSI, MSP, and EXE) are uploaded and stored using Azure storage then deployed.

  • Remote tasks can be run on computers, including malware scanning, updating malware definitions, and performing reboots.

  • Customized alerting based on exceeding thresholds, number, or percentage of computers affected.
  • License management for non-Microsoft products.
  • Better reporting, including hardware inventory.
  • Read-only access for administrators.
  • Usability and user interface improvements.

There are other changes and new features are already being added to the Windows InTune service; see this list from Microsoft.

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