Q. What licenses are available for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM)?

A. DPM now has four types of licenses, based on the types of system and the workloads running on them. They are:

  • DPM Server—Used for the server hosting the SCDPM service.
  • Standard Data Protection Manager License (DPML)—Used to protect Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 for file servers/shares and Active Directory System State.
  • Client DPML—Used to protect Windows XP and Windows Vista client machines.
  • Enterprise DPML—This is also known as the Application Agent and provides application specific protection for SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and virtualization in addition to file system protection. You would also use the Enterprise DPML when you have a second SCDPM server in a data recovery location to protect the primary SCDPM server. Enterprise DPML also gives access to bare metal recovery.

You purchase one of each DPML for each server, but notice that you don't have to buy separate DPML's for different applications, you just buy the Enterprise DPML.

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