Q. I'm performing a physical to virtual conversion using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008. I get a warning that my virtual servers aren’t suitable because they aren’t on the same network, but they actually are. What's wrong?

A. This warning probably means that you’ve disabled or removed the virtual NIC on the parent partition. With Hyper-V, when you create an external network that binds to a physical NIC, the physical NIC is bound exclusively to the virtual switch used by Hyper-V and a new virtual NIC is created on the parent partition. Hyper-V determines which network the virtual external network is attached to by querying the virtual NIC for information about the network. If you’ve disabled the virtual NIC or removed it, then the external network has no way of checking which physical network it’s connected to, so you’ll receive the message shown in the following screen:

To fix the problem, enable the virtual NIC on the parent partition. If you look at the hardware of the server using SCVMM, you’ll see that it shows which network the physical NIC  is connected to. It gets this information from the virtual NIC, as shown in the Network Adapters section in the following screen:

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