NetIQ Aegis Adding SCOM Support

A new adapter for Aegis, announced today, will add options for working with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

NetIQ announced today that an adapter for Aegis that supports Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is now available . Aegis is an IT process automation package, and adding SCOM integration should add value for current SCOM users.

Under SCOM, you get alerts about things like a server being down or a site being unavailable. Aegis can correlate information from alerts, events, and other sources. It uses this information to reduce the number of events reported to IT staff and make events that are reported more useful. It can also automatically complete tasks such as creating a work order.

Aegis packages relevant information before sending an IT pro an email. The pro can then reply to the email and authorizing action, such as restarting a server. The alerts also provides a link that goes to web pages with charts and data about the reported problem, allowing an IT admin to manage systems from any Internet connection, or even smart phones. This pages are built in AJAX and update in realtime—no need to refresh.

You can use Aegis to automate responses to common events. For instance, if a disk is filling up Aegis can automatically check log files for the correct response before alerting IT staff taking action on its own. NetIQ says time savings using Aegis are dramatic—one company reportadly saved an estimated 30,000 man-hours over three years, for about $1.3 million in savings, in a 1,200 server environment.

To learn more about Aegis, check out one reader's opinion of the product or go straight to NetIQ's Aegis site.

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