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Microsoft Digital Well-Being Tool More Broadly Available

Maintaining a good work-life balance is important to help workers re-charge away from work and prevent burn out. Microsoft’s MyAnalytics service, the company’s digital well-being tool for enterprise and small business customers, is expanding availability this week.

Over the last few years, digital well-being tools have become more commonplace. These utilities are now available from Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft to help users understand their usage habits on those services/devices. In addition, they usually can implement limitations on that access in order to create a better balance for the user.  Why is this information about digital well-being important for IT pros and system admins?

First, work-life balance is also important for all of you. It can be very easy to do work tasks from home after hours. Just like any other member of your company, you need those offline periods for recharging as well. Second, as administrators, you must take the steps to set up MyAnalytics for your users and this week’s news from Microsoft about MyAnalytics means more of your users will have access to this digital well-being toolset.

Microsoft is making its MyAnalytics digital well-being service available to more of its enterprise and business customers. Using this information, enterprise and business users can make changes based on the suggestions from MyAnalytics that could help them use their time more efficiently. All the recommendations from Microsoft’s digital well-being tool are based on an individual’s usage habits data and not guesses, assumptions, or perceptions. Users can choose to share this information with a mentor, work coach, or keep it private for their own use. The summary reports can be delivered via email or accessed through the users MyAnalytics personal dashboard.

Currently, only Enterprise E5 plan subscribers have access to MyAnalytics with a paid add-on option for those on Enterprise E1 and E3 subscriptions.

However, beginning this week the service is expanding to include Microsoft Teams data and documents saved in OneDrive and SharePoint for current subscribers. In addition, over the next couple of months, the MyAnalytics service will become a standard part of the subscriptions for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 enterprise and business customers on Business Essentials and Business Premium E1, E3, and E5 packages.

The additional service will be added with no extra charge to the customer. More information is available about setting up and using MyAnalytics at the Microsoft MyAnalytics documentation website.


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