Xeon slips again, becomes Intel embarrassment

How many times does the release of Intel's Xeon microprocessor and chipset have to slip before it becomes the butt of jokes? About one less time than it has, apparently: Intel announced today that multiprocessor systems featuring the Pentium II Xeon CPU and the 450NX chipset would be delayed yet again until early 1999. Originally due in June, problems with the chipset delayed the systems until October. But now, Intel is saying that it has discovered new bugs in the system and they want more time to work them out.

Two-processor systems will be available in the meantime, featuring 512K or 1 MB of L2 cache: When the bugs are worked out of the multiprocessor chipset, systems with 2 MB of L2 cache per processor will become available. Intel says a 450 MHz version of the Xeon is still on schedule for release later this year

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