In a June 2, 2008 entry on The Tech Odyssey blog at, Stephen L. Rose asked the question that's been burning in all our minds for some time now: "What would Bill Gates do?"

Rose's business partner Daniel Egan had the rare opportunity this week to lunch with Gates, and Rose promised his readers that Egan would ask the best question out of those submitted in the comment section of the blog.

Of course, no one at Windows IT Pro has any impending dinner dates with the man, but the WWBGD question is still interesting. If you had the opportunity to ask a single question of one of the most powerful men on the planet—and the one who's responsible for a large chunk of the modern software technology used in both business and personal applications—what would it be?

Do you consider Gates to be a tech messiah? An uncrowned world leader? Just another suit in a gray corporate world? Do you detest him and all he stands for? Fire your best (work-safe) shots in the comment section below.

Personally, I want to know why he doesn't get a decent haircut, although I have little room for criticism in that area.

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