WUGNET inducted into shareware hall of fame

WUGNET--the Windows Users Group Network--was inducted into the Shareware Hall of Fame this week as part of a Shareware Industry Awards Foundation (SIAF) banquet that took place in Providence, Rhode Island. Each year the SIAF honors the best-of-breed shareware programs with its Shareware Industry Awards. Last year, SIAF added the Shareware Hall of Fame category to their awards and this year, one of the inductees was WUGNET, for their decade of contributions in helping shareware authors promote new products and for helping to elevate the quality of shareware through various award programs on their Web site.

"Several years ago we saw the beginning blur between shareware and retailware and instituted several online promotional programs that we hoped would help to elevate the quality of shareware in the eyes of the consumer," said Larry McJunkin, Online Director of WUGNET. "We simply wanted to help provide a way to give shareware authors a way to compete in the big-dollar software arena."

WUGNET operates nearly 100 software and hardware support forums on the CompuServe online service. Support for Windows operating systems on CompuServe continues to rate among the best online resources available. They also administer the very popular Microsoft/WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

It should be noted that WUGNET is also the home for WinInfo on the Web. I'd like to take a second to extend my sincerest appreciation for the site hosting and a hearty congratulations for this most deserved award.


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