WritePlus Brings Simple and Powerful Word Processing to Windows 8.1

WritePlus Brings Simple and Powerful Word Processing to Windows 8.1

If you're one of those Microsoft Surface owners who doesn't have Microsoft Office installed for one reason or another, or would really like to better utilize the Windows 8.1 metro interface for word processing instead of jumping to the Desktop to write documents, I'd like to suggest a really good word processing app that I've come to really appreciate over the past few weeks.

WritePlus has a very minimalist interface and works extremely well as a touch app.

It has some ultra-powerful features for an app touted to be just a simple text editor, including page formatting (bold, italic, heading, bullet, etc.), printing, Windows 8.1 sharing, auto-save, spellcheck, word count, export to Microsoft Word, creating word clouds, and text to speech.

The only thing stopping me from using this as a full replacement for Microsoft Word on my Surface is that it doesn't yet support the importing and inline placement of screen captures. Otherwise, for general writing it's hard to beat.

WritePlus runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT.

Search the Windows App Store for 'WritePlus' to find it, or use the following link:


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