WP8 Favorite News Reader Comes to Windows 8

WP8 Favorite News Reader Comes to Windows 8

Being deeply integrated with the Windows ecosystem now, I like to try out new apps when they become available. Most are not worthy of keeping longer than 5 minutes or so, but there are those that truly are worthy of keeping around.

I've tried several different, suggested news readers on Windows Phone 8, but none have been able to match the functionality of Weave. The stock installation comes with enough pre-selected feeds to get you started, but also offers customization features, allowing you to add your favorite sites to monitor and consume. For me, it's the best news reader for Windows Phone.

For Windows 8 I've been using an app called Discourse and its features have kept me satisfied. I talked about Discourse HERE.

But, just released, Weave has come to Windows 8, too, and it may actually end up displacing Discourse as my favorite news reader.

The Windows 8 interface is beautiful and kudos should be launched toward Seles Games for producing such a touch-friendly environment for reading news.

Discourse's interface and layout is, well, kind of bland. You can alter the background color, but it's just not as gorgeous as Weave.

Weave for Windows 8 has the same customization features as its Windows Phone counterpart, allowing you to choose from a long list of valuable news feeds, or giving you the option to add your own. So, you can read Windows IT Pro on either your Windows Phone or Windows 8 device. And, just like Discourse, you can sync your preferences and news feed across devices. I can configure my news feeds just the way I like, and then have them replicate across different Windows 8 devices and also Windows Phone. Discourse uses SkyDrive to provide the synching service, but Weave gives you more, including login options for a Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts.

Now, this is the way to read news on a Windows ecosystem device!

If you want to try it out, search for 'Weave' in the Windows 8 store, or use the following link:


              Weave News Reader app for Windows in the Windows Store



If you've not tried Weave on Windows Phone yet, use the following links to check it out. There's a free version and a paid version. The paid version removes ads, but honestly, the ad placement is not annoying in Weave like it is in some apps.

Windows Phone Free version: Weave News Reader for Windows Phone (FREE)

Windows Phone Paid ($9.99) version: Weave News Reader for Windows Phone (PAID)


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