WinInfo Short Takes: Week of November 8

APPLE COMPUTER THIS week sent out a retort to Dell Computer's claim that it had secured the number one spot in education sales. Using two surveys of its own, Apple says that it is still the number one seller of PCs to the education market, holding over 22% marketshare, compared to 19.1% for Compaq, 17.2% for Gateway and 15.8% for Dell. Apple says that Dell didn't factor in Apple's direct sales, which are, of course, not available outside of Apple. They're also impossible to verify, so there you go.

QUICK, WHAT WORLD-CLASS enterprise operating system will be released in February? Yup, you guessed it, Solaris 8. Uh...What? Sun Microsystems announced this week that it would target February 2000 as the release date for its next version of Solaris, taking on the oft-delayed Windows 2000, which is also scheduled for its own February coming out party. And the funsters at Sun even admit that they're doing this specifically to rile Microsoft, which has taken its share of hard knocks for failing to deliver Windows 2000 in a timely manner. Can't wait to see Solaris 8? Order a FREE (less S&H charges) early access preview at the Sun Web site.

NEARLY THREE MONTHS after being told that they would soon hear word on whether they would be receiving a free gold CD of the final version of Windows 2000, the Corporate Preview Program (CPP) customers are STILL waiting. "Two weeks" indeed: The guy who came up with that timetable must have scheduled the Windows 2000 launch too.

YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of Apple Computer announcing a product that doesn't exist: In August, the company touted, among other things, a gorgeous and expensive flat-panel "Cinema Display," which was immediately added to Apple's online store. Too bad they didn't (and don't now) exist. Now the Apple Store is claiming to be "sold out" of the display, despite the fact that they haven't shipped a single unit. The store even suggests checking back in January "for updates." And for the three people that still believe in the G4, another no-show, Apple's other flat-panel display, the 15" Studio Display, is "not recommended for the G4." Not recommended? Maybe that's because it won't even plug into the G4! And how about that wireless networking wonder, the AirPort? Also announced in August, Apple representatives are now saying it won't ship until mid-December. How far do you think Apple can push the Mac faithful before they snap out of their collective rainbow-colored haze and figure out what's really going on? "It's dirty, dirty stuff," a Mac user told me of trying to buy a G4 with a Cinema Display.

I DEBUTED A new version of the WinInfo Web site this week that cleans up the design, takes advantage of IE 5.0 features such as DHTML, and provides blurbs of the latest articles with links to the full stories. Check out the new WinInfo Web site if you haven't been there recently

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